Ocean Glow

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ORIGINAL SOLD, PRINTS AVAILABLE Oil on handmade panel mounted on reclaimed wood, c. 2012   The sunset was gorgeous out back and I ran to get this small panel to work on. It is one of those pieces that I wish I had done BIG!  The colours were incredible, dark purples and Prussian blues, once the sun dipped below the … Read More

Shore Thing at Sunset

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36x54 Shore Thing at Sunset - Susan Stone

ORIGINAL & PRINTS AVAILABLE Oil Stick & Oil on Canvas   The title of this piece pays homage to one of my favorite local events at one of my favorite places in San Diego—MCASD in Lajolla.  This was the last season of sunset celebrations before they closed for incredible renovation.  The colours are celebratory of the sunset and my experimentation … Read More

Newport Beach

creativewave Oil Paintings

Newport Beach by Susan Stone

24 x 48”  (2017) Oil on Handmade Panel, Mounted on Reclaimed Wood I love the colours of the water early morning and early evening. I wanted to capture and simplify all the beauty that is Newport Beach with crisp cool blues and blue-greens.  I also wanted to give this piece the feel of an old polaroid, and working on a … Read More

Torrey Pines

creativewave Oil Paintings

Torrey Pines by Susan Stone

24 x 24 x 1.5″ (depth) Oil on Gallery Edge Canvas Torrey Pines is one of my favorite places to paint.  I have participated in many plen aire events and art festivals on the mesa.  A lot of my color field work is inspired by the beauty up on the mesa, along the beach at the tides edge, and up … Read More

Morning Mist

creativewave Oil Paintings

Beach - Susan Stone

Oil on Canvas 2010 Another earlier piece, one of the first morning abstracts I painted out west. Here in Southern California, the mornings are cool and misty. The mist against the bluffs, the smooth rocks along the shore, and the beautiful surf…everything was white, with the golden orange colors of the bluffs, the sky resembling a pastel of soft blue … Read More

Morning Light

creativewave Oil Paintings

Morning Light by Susan Stone

48 x 36″ (2017) Oil Wash on Canvas This piece is inspired by the morning light from my west-facing windows before the sun comes up.  The morning light is so much softer on the west coast.  I live only 10 miles from the coast, so when there is the marine layer on warm spring mornings, the sun doesn’t get over the … Read More

Clouds and Sunny Rays

creativewave Oil Paintings

Sunny Rays by Susan Stone

SOLD! 24 x 24 x 2″ (depth) Oil on Canvas This work is the result of my love for colour, the coast, and the desert.  The horizontal bands are repeated after one cloud in the sky.  The sky was stunningly blue, this cloud was like a big brushstroke across the sky that stayed in sight for quite some time.  I … Read More

Plentiful Amount of Sunshine

creativewave Oil Paintings

PlentifulAmountofSunshine by Susan Stone

Oil on canvas (2014) This piece was inspired by a sunny day in Coronado, California.  I was experimenting with abstracting the sunshine on the sand with blocks of light and dark to create slices of sunshine.  I really wanted to simplify the seascape and focus on how sunny, clear it was. The water was so gorgeous…blues and greens, with endless … Read More

Red Skies at Night

creativewave Oil Paintings

Red Skies at Night by Susan Stone

Oil on Canvas 2014 This painting is one of those pieces I was so happy with I thought, “Wow, this would look so incredible at larger scale, so I painted it larger in blues (‘Clear Skies’).  I do paint a lot of smaller pieces, sketches to experiment, and when I am working outside with oil, the medium and the color, … Read More

Oyster Shell

creativewave Oil Paintings

Oyster Shell by Susan Stone

Oyster Shell (2014) Oil on handmade panel, mounted on reclaimed wood – 24 x 24″ Abstract of the colours inside an oyster shell.  I was experimenting with colour harmonies and compliments that define such beautiful treasures in our natural environment:  the browns of driftwood, smooth stones, colorful sea glass, pismo clams on Coronado, sand dollars—no two alike! I am reminded … Read More