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“Clouds and Sunny Rays”

You are purchasing a print, original art was oil on canvas.

This work is the result of my love for colour, the coast, and the desert.  The horizontal bands are repeated after one cloud in the sky.  The sky stunningly blue, this cloud was like a big brushstroke across the sky that stayed in sight for quite some time.  I loved it so much.  Recreating this shape is the focus of the entire series.  When I am not driving I spend the entire trip gazing out the window, sometimes doodling sometimes snapping pics (and yes I lost a phone outside the window, more on this story in my blog).  Because our son loves photography a lot of times we will stop, he sets up his tripod and I get to have a closer look at textures and colours.  I am grateful that we are fortunate to make the drive and that we all love the road trips, you just don’t see the same thing twice, the seasons bring changes and the experimentation with colour provides endless ways to show my point of view while keeping the pieces fresh and relevant; letting the viewer know who I am as an Artist while also providing a bit of information about colour in general.  The teacher in me is fascinated with colour theory, and the idea simply speaking of putting colours together for someone’s personal space means so much to me.  There are many findings about connections that support health, spirit, overall well being

There are so many sketches, watercolour washes, and versions of this piece.  In fact it is well documented in bits in pieces with all of the above in addition to photographs and many pages of my sketchbooks.  There is also ‘Sunny Rays’ a large oil on canvas ‘More Sunny Rays’ another large oil on canvas very similar again, larger brighter with more yellow.  I love, love, love a great road trip and we drive back and forth to Arizona a lot.  One early afternoon there was a wonderful cloud in the sky.  Just one and the shape of it was so lovely.  Such an incredibly interesting form and it is the inspiration for all of the pieces!  I started keeping a sketch diary of clouds and thought about my approach to this painting for long time… versions in the desert, versions on the coast, directly inland from the coast.


The canvas prints meet art galleries’ and museum’s longevity requirements and ensure consistency of shades for up to 200 years. The printing process is Giclee with Pigment Ink on a Premium Fine Art Matte Canvas 410g/m2.  Canvas printed images are finished with a semi-gloss varnish.

Acrylic panel images provide an eye popping super vivid print with brilliant luminous colors and fascinating depth.  We use premium polished 99.9% optically pure acrylic for the panels.

High Definition metal prints are printed on ChromaLuxe panels.  They have unmatched color brilliance, superior durability and true generational archival qualities.

No matter the choice of print you choose, all of these types of prints will transform your home or commercial interiors into world-class design experience.

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Close up of canvas gallery wrapped edge

Clouds and Sunny Rays - Abstract Art

Clouds and Sunny Rays – Abstract Art by Artist Susan Stone