Clouds and Sunny Rays – Original Art


24″ x 24″ x 2 ″ D

Oil on canvas

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This work is the result of my love for colour, the coast, and the desert.  The horizontal bands are repeated after one cloud in the sky.  The sky was stunningly blue, this cloud was like a big brushstroke across the sky that stayed in sight for quite some time.  I spend the most road trips through the desert, gazing out the window, sometimes doodling, sometimes photographing. I love a drive through the Sonoran desert. You just don’t see the same thing twice, the seasons bring changes to the environment. This inspires me to experiment with colour, and provides endless ways to show my point of view while keeping the pieces fresh and relevant; letting the viewer know who I am as an artist while also providing a bit of information about colour in general.  The teacher in me is fascinated with colour theory, and the idea of putting colours together for someone’s personal space means so much to me.  There are many findings of connections through colour that support health, spirit, and overall well being.

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